18 Jul 2011

Maricer and SMART Metering

Maricer have recently completed the installation of a SMART Metering System at Priory Marina in Bedford operated by British Waterways Marinas Limited. The installation was completed utilising all the existing power cables at each berth.

115 No. existing pedestals were removed and returned to the client and the company installed 10 No. 1147mm Size 3 Pedestals at the head of each pontoon and a balance of 105 No. 847mm Size 3 pedestals at pairs of berths on each pontoon.

Each pedestal incorporated the usual switchgear protecting either 16A or 32A socket outlets, along with product from Meter-MACS including SMART meters, data loggers and an iButton.  An LCD customer interface was also installed in the 1147mm pedestals giving customers up to date account information with the touch of the user iButton on the iButton Reader.

From each pedestal a ‘daisy chain’ of CAT 5 data cable was installed linking the pedestals on each pontoon together to RF2 Repeaters which allowed two way wireless  communication between the berths and the office where Meter-MACS software was installed.

Ultimate control of berth supplies is now achieved without leaving the office giving benefits such as:
Restriction on usage to authorised users only,
Instant meter reads and client balance reports in either account and/or pre-paid mode,
Instant management information relating to consumption, peak demand, maintenance and financial status,
Real time monitoring and control.

Contact Maricer for further details on SMART metering and the full company product range:

T: +44 (0) 1790 753164
F: +44 (0) 1790 752559

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